The Basement Befores

As you may recall, the basement floor was ripped up just after Christmas.

basement 12:31

Because of this . . .

Sewer Pipe

Last week our handyman arrived to start putting the basement back together again.  He was the skill behind this room.


This time we sent him underground.  He cleaned up the floor and started framing out a new wall to block out the pipes and other unsightliness.


Our carpenter matched up the knotty pine as closely as he could just for kicks as this will all be painted in the near future.

Here is the new wall and beginnings of the shelving.   These shelves will hold board games and Legos for now.  Post-addition this basement will become a storage closet and then my husband will likely take over.  We left the original doors on either side of the built-in for access to plumbing, and quite honestly just because they are adorable!  The doors are covered in knotty pine as well and have great brass hardware.  Not right to put those out at the curb.


A tile floor is going down this week and then some much needed lighting.  We chose a ceramic tile that looks like wood.  Not that dissimilar from the tile in the picture below.


By Saturday we should have a finished basement.  We have never ever done a basement project in any of our houses so this is unchartered territory for us.