The Dining Room

We use our dining room only a handful of times each year.  Still, it is often my favorite room in a house and this dining room is no exception.

This is the before . . .DR Chandelier

And a peek of the evolving after.  Not all of the furniture has been moved over and the walls are bare but the beginnings of the room are starting to take shape.


Those of us in older homes with dated kitchens have or will contemplate getting rid of that wall between the dining room and kitchen to combine the spaces.  But then we pause.  There is furniture we have inherited and dining room tables we love and many of us will decide to keep the dining room afterall.

So what to do with this formal space?

Here are a couple of dining rooms that function just a bit differently.


This dining room is the perfect blend of the Library/Dining Room.  The built-ins are wonderful and notice the seating around the table.  Comfortable!  An upholstered bench and two high-back chairs – this room is meant for reading and dining alike.

Between Naps on the Porch Blog

Looks like most anything goes in this dining room.  A big case piece can house paperwork, art supplies, books.


I love this skirted table. The books could easily be piled into the armoire and swapped out for a beautiful place setting when it is time to entertain.

House Beautiful

I could never give up a dining room.  I love my china and silver and putting together a pretty table.  The dining room is where our children blew out their first birthday candles, where some of our favorite friends have gathered and where family comes together to slow down and talk over familiar recipes.  There are probably more presents wrapped on the table than turkeys presented but still it is an important piece of our house’s history and our story.

What do you think?  Is the dining room dead or alive?