Bathroom and Kitchen Bling (or not)

One of the reasons I chose subway tile for our master bath project was so that I could spend the extra on the bath fittings.  Here are our Kallista fittings.  They are from Michael S. Smith’s Inigo collection.


Kallista is Kohler’s higher end line and worth every penny.

In our last house, we used Rohl’s Perrin and Rowe line for our faucets.  The faucets come packaged in their own jewelry-like pouches and have a weight to them very different from your standard big fox faucet.

This faucet held up beautifully at our hard-working kitchen sink.

Rohl’s Perrin and Rowe

And we currently have two of these in our master bath.

Perrin and Rowe Viaggio

I have used polished nickel, polished chrome and brushed chrome as finishes but haven’t ventured into brass finishes quite yet.  I have long loved brass, even before it was popular but I am on the fence about using brass fittings.

Here is my Viaggio faucet in brass.

A completely different feel.  Nothing understated about a brass faucet.  For some of us they even provide a time travel vehicle to 1980.

Catchpole and Rye has a gorgeous collection of brass faucets or ‘taps’ (it is a British company).  But as much as I love brass everywhere else, I prefer the polished chrome or polished nickel featured here.

Over the same faucet in brass.

Now why the stylists chose to surround the faucet with soap and flowers in the yellow/orange family is puzzling to me but regardless the brass faucet (even without its sunny props) reads sunshine yellow to me and screams, “I need attention!!!  Look at me!!!”

And this is coming from brass’s biggest fan.

Now there is an exception for me.  And, it’s the kitchen sink faucet.

Brook Giannetti, author, designer and blogger uses unlaquered brass faucets in her Ojai kitchen and really they are quite beautiful and not in the least bit ostentatious.

From Veranda Magazine
From Brooke’s website.
From Brooke’s website.
From Brooke’s website.

The faucet is from Barber Wilsons & Company and is likely a pretty penny.  It will age over time and get that beautiful patina that I personally love about brass so much.

Kitchens seem to date faster than bathrooms and really in 10 years most kitchens need a facelift, no matter how neutral or simple or trend averse.  And because of that, I would consider brass in the kitchen, the unlaquered kind that is.  Of course, my brass faucet would need a Lacanche Range which means I may be sticking with the polished nickel or chrome for a long long time.

from Lacanche


Master Bath

I took some cleaner pictures of the master bath this afternoon. The shelf above the closet will be removed and the shower door will be changing but here are some better pictures of the nearly-done space.

IMG_1132 IMG_1133 IMG_1131 IMG_1129 IMG_1126 IMG_1128 IMG_1123 IMG_1124 IMG_1122

Week 11 Update

The house was abuzz with activity this morning. On Friday the bathroom looked like this:

Bathroom 12:3

And as of this morning the bathroom looks like this:

update 12:8 bathroom

The sconces are in.  Look how well the shades coordinate with the drop cloths!  The other washstand was installed and the walls are now BM Wickham Gray.

Trying to stay out of the way, I took a couple of minutes to put more test paint up on the walls.  The dining room is the next room on the list, and I am leaning towards Titanium or Wickham Gray (like the bathroom).  My painter is voting for Titanium, I am leaning that way as well, though I have to make sure it will not read too green with our rug.

update 12:8 paint
From left: SW Comfort Gray, BM Titanium, BM Wickham Gray, FB Clunch, and BM Carrington Beige

While I was testing samples, our fencers arrived.  The old basketweave was hauled away and a new double-sided cedar fence is being put in.  Already so much better.

update 12:8 fence

The carpenters have been working on the closets for well over a week.  Our painter is going to do all these shelves and cabinets in oil.

Update 12:8 E Closet

Update 12:8 C Closet

This is one of two new fixtures in the hallway.  The hallway was also painted this weekend in BM Edgecomb Gray.

Update 12:8

I will post more pictures soon. The house was so so cold.  The heat is off while HVAC installs the baseboards in the bedroom and bathroom.  I left when the thermometer got down to 56 degrees.  I am most definitely a fair-weathered blogger.

Week 9

Week IX started with tile and ended with tile. As you recall, we were less than thrilled with the way the cap molding met the medicine cabinets.


We decided to run the subway tile up just above the medicine cabinets and cap it off there just on the sink wall.  Here is a sneak peek of that.


The floor was the other focus this week.  The existing oak floors were patched and sanded.  Two of the 3 coats of poly were put on.  It’s a water-based poly so the dry time is significantly less than an oil-based poly.  We chose to match the existing floors in the house color-wise and opted out of staining and instead chose to leave them natural.



I prefer darker floors but being that the entire house had just been sanded and redone prior to list, it just did not make sense to redo them again.  In fact, the front hallway looks like it may not tolerate being sanded again.  We may reassess with Phase II, though the lighter floors are growing on me.

Last week a huge delivery of wood was loaded into our garage.  The carpenters have made their way through about half the wood and the other half is pictured below.  Apparently all that wood will eventually transform into closet shelving.


And, on the garden front we are nearly done finalizing plant selections.  The fence is scheduled for the week of December 9th and hopefully in January we can start to add some structure and privacy to the backyard. IMG_0711

This weekend we are cleaning and moving what we can carry over to the house in anticipation of moving in – finally!  Our goal is to be in and sleeping there before Christmas.  December is probably ranked as the no. 1 worst month to move, but poor timing or not, we are going to try to get in.  If you look closely at the garage picture you can see all our Christmas decorations in boxes.  We moved them over in the summer thinking we would be in the house by this point, and there is no way I am moving them back.