Covering the Windows . . .Slowly

Most of the windows in the house are still bare.  But there is hope and a plan.

Country Curtains has a new custom line that could not have been rolled out at a more perfect time in my house life.  My mom has worked at the store in Ridgewood, NJ for many years and gave me the heads up that this may be an option soon. Within a week I was looking at fabric samples at their Greenville, DE store.

There really is a great selection of style and fabric options which I will share when I find the brochure and take more pictures. This is the style I chose for our bedroom.


I have two dormers and a radiator with which to contend, so an inside flat roman shade is a perfect option for me.  Notice no headboard quite yet.  Good thing I waited as Country Curtains is just about to roll out their new custom headboard options as well!



Here is a linen sample in a greenish-blue that may work for my living room.


The library windows will receive a soft linen treatment in ivory. By the way, those electrical cords and I are having it out this week!!!


And, here are some linen shades I picked up at the store one weekend.  These are in stock and a great price point, especially for the kids’ rooms. IMG_3570

And a banded roman shade for my older son’s room.  A nice tailored look and both sets of shades are lined so the rooms are dark for sleeping.  Nearly as dark as these pictures!IMG_3571

The treatments should take about 3 weeks from when I place the order tomorrow.  I will share the after pictures which will look vastly different as I will be sure to bust out the nice camera.  It will be like those skin care before and after shots.  Even if I hang garbage bags on the windows, things would still look better than they do in today’s pictures!

Windows: Again!

The neighbors may just pitch in to buy us shades but until then we continue to live in this house without a single thing on the windows.

So, here’s a lousy picture of a window in our bedroom.  As you can probably see there are 5 houses and an entire hospital that can see into this room.  My window treatment situation may qualify as an emergency to some most.


The windows cannot support panels so I will likely inside mount shades.

Option A.

Roman Shades.  This is my favorite kind of window treatment, especially the relaxed style, and may end up being our best option.  I love the soft look but also know we will lose light because Romans look best when they are not pulled tightly and left to fall like below:


Option B.

The cornice/shade combination.

The cornice would likely only be for the window in our room pictured above as the bed wall windows are too low.  I do like the bamboo shades and there are so many different versions to choose from at great price points.

Option C.

Plantation Shutters.  Plantation Shutters are low-maintenance but often need softening with a fabric layer.  If this were the beach, I wouldn’t hesitate to use them.

Phoebe Howard

A pretty plantation shutter look with a panel on each side.  This would be perfect on our bed wall except for our dormers.  No room to hang panels – sigh.

Fox Hollow Cottage

Here is one of the pesky dormers on our bed wall.


Option D.

Wood Blinds

Wood Blinds are a good option as well.  We had these in our last bedroom but I think they look better with a fabric layer in a bedroom.



Any preferences?



Paint: Creams

Again, these are all Benjamin Moore colors and favorites of mine.  Creamy whites will lean yellow in certain light.  I have found these creamy paint colors work best in rooms with some direct light, where there is enough light to illuminate the tone.  Using creams in a dark room with little natural light does not let these lighter colors do their job.  In the darkest room in a previous house, I used Philadelphia Cream HC-30.  It was a medium yellow that when put up on the walls looked just like Elephant Tusk does in the below picture.  In a room with direct light, Philadelphia Cream is a true, sunny yellow.  As anyone who has put samples on a wall, direct and indirect light changes color dramatically.

Our new house has great light and most rooms have at least two exposures.  I knew we weren’t touching the living room so I had that painted way back in the late spring.  It is White Sand OC-10 and I love it in all lights.  We unrolled the rug one day to take a peek at how the room would come together and the it is proving to be such an easy color.


White Sand OC-10

Dream House Studios


Cream Fleece 233



Phoebe Howard Benjamin Moore Cream Fleece
Phoebe Howard


White Dove trim and Cream Fleece walls
Cream Fleece with White Dove Trim Phoebe Howard

Ballet White OC-9

Architectural Digest

Linen White 912


Elephant Tusk OC-8

Up to Speed

The house behind us was framed out and the third story has yet to be built. Apparently there is a walk-up attic which means this house will just keep getting higher and higher. Now I am not even sure a hedge of pleached trees will suffice.

Our planned 8-foot fence isn’t going to touch our privacy issues, so I have a phone call into a local landscape architect as we need a game plan. There will be a walk-out deck on the house as well which will look straight down into our backyard from above. We need trees.  Now.


We took out the tree just in time for digging to ensue.  We were alerted that trenching begins tomorrow.  They will be digging on the left side of this black temporary fencing all the way from the new house to the street out front.


Now that the oak tree is gone and the stump ground out, the garden restoration work can begin.  IMG_0644 As the HVAC work comes to a close, we will be left with a new heating and cooling system.  Unfortunately we are also left with this beast.  Nothing that a little fencing and landscaping can’t fix.


Even though this odd bump out will disappear with the addition, our window restorer was kind and motivated enough to restore the wood siding so it looked presentable in the meantime.  He spent the afternoon on the ground to tackle that basement window beneath the bump out.  It is a shame it’s tucked away as it looks pretty darn good for a basement window.IMG_0647

Meanwhile, inside there are holes open in walls for new plumbing.


Plaster dust in every room, on every surface.


And, as you can see the plumber and electricians have everything set up and ready for the walls to close this week.  This wall will include both sinks and the toilet.


This shower is being set up for a steamer.  The steamer unit will sit in the wall above the new laundry chute.  A laundry chute!!!IMG_0652

This is the opening to my new closet.  There will be a pocket door and an L of hanging and storage space.  More of the nitty gritty of the closet layout to come.


The is is the view from the new bed wall into the bathroom.  You can see where they left space for the inset medicine cabinets.  The windows are boarded up as they are being replaced soon.


And, a little something I have to take care of tomorrow.  The HVAC crew ran the ductwork in a shared closet between two bedrooms that looks like it may be easily damaged.  We removed the shelves today and will ask them to tuck the ductwork into the corner and then the shelves will be cut to work around the tubing.   IMG_0659 IMG_0660

And, Dr. Rettew’s ghost came knocking through the house again this windy afternoon.  Alas it was a westerly window that needs a bit of attention to quiet it down.


Another busy week ahead.  Tomorrow is Christmas Day!  14 weeks ago I applied for gas and tomorrow is the big day.  We are converting our heating system from oil to gas and the process can now commence.  Expecting the gas to take much longer, we had the oil tank filled to the halfway point on Friday- Friday!!!  Anyone know how to move oil from one tank to another?  What a waste!  We knew once we had the tank filled, PECO would suddenly move us to the top of the queue and what do you know?!