The Treasure Hunt

This is my house to start relatively fresh – to search for pieces I love instead instead of searching for pieces I need.  And what I love is usually a bit dirty, scratched up and often in need of a little TLC.  I have found some of my very favorite things at auctions and estate sales so you would think I would have found Craigslist sooner.  But alas I did not and a few shiny, regrettable purchases were made in the interim.  I am back on track now and here are some of my favorite finds:

An unlaquered (key word) brass bed!  I am especially excited about this one as we have been sleeping on a flimsy bed frame with no head or footboards which screams – you are too old to be living like you are in a dorm room – to me.  There are a million brass beds on Craigslist, eBay and in secondhand shops as they fell out of favor for a very long time.  There is a slight resurgence but ever so slight such that there are still wonderful deals to be had out there.  IMG_1385

The seller was a baby boomer downsizing and bought this bed in the 1970s when most every other brass bed, outside the Victorian era, was bought.  I jumped on this one because it is aged brass and not laquered brass.  The seller was disappointed to hear that I would not be shining it up.  Instead it got a good bath with soap and water to preserve the finish.

Next up are my andirons.  If I were a collector which I am not in the least bit, I would collect andirons!  Ever done a search on 1stdibs for them?  Gorgeous!  I found these guys on Craigslist but the seller was also selling them on ebay or less so guess where I bought them?  They are in the midst of getting a good cleaning and I am going to polish these up unlike the bed as the lions deserve a bit more of a fuss.


So back to the bed for a minute.  But ignore that unmade bed and notice the velvet tufted bench at the foot. That was a Craigslist find as well.  It is a custom Lee Industries piece that was only a year old when the owners decided to downsize.  Baby boomers again.  It retails for well over $2000 and I got it for a song.


And, these chairs came home with us last week.  There are two and they are Hickory Chair marked 1961.  They are in perfect condition and even have casters on the feet – my favorite!  At some point, I will have the seats recovered but for now they will be out on the porch and are just perfect there as they can even be pulled up to the ends of the table for more seating.


There’s the chair just peeking out over the table’s end.


And, maybe my favorite purchase are these Hickory White tiger maple veneer end tables. Pictured is one but I was able to snag the pair from a pretty brownstone in Philly.  The brass feet were the icing on the cake.

Messages Image(3298724767)

I finally feel comfortable navigating Craigslist and have found there are some tricks to the search and recovery process.

  1.  Misspell what you are looking for.  If you are looking for a settee also look for a sete, a sette and a seitee –  you will be surprised what pops up.
  2. If you are looking for a French chair don’t assume your seller knows it is French, search under every kind of chair you have the patience for and your French Bergere may just pop up under blue chair afterall.
  3.  Once you have found your item, leave the seller a message and include your cell phone number as apparently they receive all sorts of spam and scammer messages.
  4. Take a friend or spouse or sister and go in your workout best.  Wear running shoes should you find yourself having to run for your life (half joking).

Merry Christmas, everyone!

A Little Christmas

IMG_1372Christmas is a gradual process in this house. There isn’t a weekend where boxes come down from the attic and all the hallways are decked with boughs of holly.

IMG_1378It’s more of a Christmas trickle.  This year I started early with the indoor greens and they are looking a bit crunchy right now.  Next year, I will delay that a week or two.





More Christmas to come and a Craigslist round-up as promised.

The Fireplace

Santa is due to come down the fireplace any week now and our fireplace will be the perfect landing point as it is bare as a birch in winter.

If the temperature drops below 70 degrees this winter, the plan is to try out the fireplace and before that, to add a pair of interesting andirons. Here are some of my favorite finds:

via Aspire Auctions



via Craigslist
via Aspire Auctions
via Toledo Architectural Artifacts
via Aspire Auctions
via Craigslist
via ebay

A Hackberry Hill Update

If it were up to my husband, this would be our Christmas tree.


I do love my tabletop tree but alas we will be getting a real tree this weekend.  And because no two Christmases ever look the same in our house, I have decided to put the tree on our porch this year instead of moving furniture around in the living room.

This is the porch in progress.  We found a table!  The table is narrow and just right for our galley porch.  I am still working on chairs or stools or benches.  I am undecided on what to do as it is a tight space but still people need to be comfortable.  The chandelier above our table was the original dining room chandelier.  I suspect it is original to the house as its scale was way off in our current dining room.  And, once upon a time our dining room was my library and hallway and this chandelier would have been a much better fit in that space.

This chandelier has confused nearly all of our male visitors.  They see rustic table, concrete porch floors and just. do. not. get. it. I remember when I had our carpenter install a similar chandelier in a bathroom in a previous house.  He must have asked me a dozen times if I was certain this was the right fixture.  There was no convincing him that I wasn’t a mad woman. IMG_1413

Crystal and distressed wood together are some of my favorite things.  In fact, I wish my chandelier was about three times the size and I wish my wood table was just a little more beaten up much like this . . .


If that’s not beautiful, I don’t know what is!

November was mostly about Thanksgiving, Estate Sales and Craigslist.  Here is the beginning of my Thanksgiving table setting progress.  I wish I had snapped a finished shot.  As you can see it was a blue and white Thanksgiving.  One of my very favorites!


And, here is a patio set I found on Craigslist.  I am in love.  The fabric leaves a lot to be desired but the actual set is just perfect for my space and for what I had in mind – IMG_1451

Which entails trying to get as close to my favorite patio of all time!!!  The thing I like best about the blue cushions in the picture below is that they pop against the green.  I will not have that to the same degree so pillow color is still up in the air but they will be recovered and the set is actually going in for a powder coating.

The hunt, the find, the haggling – all much more fun than buying the set below new from Restoration Hardware.  We have done that in the past and quite honestly all the outdoor furniture starts looking the same after a number of years – dull, chippy and worn – so I figured may as well start at that point and work our way back up for a fraction of the price.

I made another wonderful Craigslist connection which I cannot reveal quite yet but what a gold mine of a resource!

Back to Christmas.  As you can see the mantle is wearing a bit of green.  I have dressed most of the outdoor pots and wreaths are hung so I will take pictures for my more detailed Christmas post.

IMG_1457And, I will leave you with some of my very favorite Christmas doors.

via Pretty Pink Tulips


via Handsome Properties
via Interiors by Studio M
via Dekris Design
via Pinterest
via Pinterest