Color: Miles Redd

Miles Redd’s rooms garner a lot of attention and it’s not difficult to understand why Redd is one of the hottest designers in his field right now.  His use of color and bright, rich, saturated color is brilliant (no pun intended)!  So without further ado, here is Miles Redd:

Elle Decor

For nearly all of us who have limited budgets, color can be a scary prospect.  The red walls you loved a year ago, are now reminding you more of a Law & Order: SVU set. Meanwhile you spent thousands of dollars to have a professional paint them because red is such a tough color to get right, not to mention the laborious number of coats.  So what to do?

Before committing to a bold color, take a look in your closet.  I took a look in mine this morning and what stood out is that in a sea of green, blue, black, gray and orange, I have one pair of red pants and a jacket.  If you look around my house, there is a bit of red in our rugs but it’s not an accent color I tend to use.  Whereas, my closet is filled with greens and green-blues – always has been.  I look around my house and in nearly every room are those greens and green-blues. It’s not hard to surmise that I could easily go bold with green or blue and probably be very happy (at least for longer than a year).


Historically, leaner, harder times have often resulted in more somber interior color choices. So, the rise of gray in interior design during these leaner economic times was not unexpected.  Of course, every movement is a reaction to a previous aesthetic so as gray becomes “so 2009”, color and rich, saturated color has starting making an appearance once again.

This room is very much of this decade.  The gray walls with a pop of color has been hot for the last decade.  This is a beautiful room but times are a’changing . . .


Contrast that room to a room by Miles Redd featured in House Beautiful this month.

The young, hot designers are returning to bright chintzes, rich estate colors and mixes of fresh wallpapers and fabrics.  Gray still finds its way into spaces but as a backdrop now; it’s no longer the leading lady.

There are three big designers doing color so beautifully that it make us wonder why gray even stood a chance.

Let’s visit Katie Ridder’s work first.  Katie is not new to the design world and is based out of New York but has clients worldwide and her style reflects that.

This kitchen is perfect to me.  The architectural elements are the star and Katie’s cabinet color choice is so smart.  Those gorgeous doors with those even better views are what’s important in this kitchen.  The green cabinets complement those vistas perfectly.

Of course I love this kitchen as if you look way up, you’ll see my vent cover!!!

Katie Ridder

Here Katie kept the color off the walls as the green backdrop through those windows is essentially the wall color.  She complimented the leafy greens with beautiful blues, gold tones and rusts.

Katie Ridder – encaustic tile -gorgeous!

This is Katie next to a beautifully plumped down cushion-filled chair.  Pay attention to the color in this space though.  The orange picture frame, stripe and coffee table work so well. Then there are the blues in the art, lamp, pillows and rug.  It is gorgeous without looking too designer-y. This is not easy, people!!!

New York Social Diary

I think this color combination would scare the pants off of most people, but once it’s up and together it is stunning!  The fabric on the windows is the glue.

Southern Living

Katie Ridder has her own line of wallpapers and fabrics.  All beautiful!

Blue Bell fabric
Moonflower wallpaper

Back tomorrow with Ashley Whitaker and then Miles Redd.

More Lighting Chat

I like a good, expensive light fixture.  Don’t we all, really?  But I also like to get a good deal on said fixture, so let the treasure hunting begin!

It’s not difficult to find beautiful lighting at Visual Comfort but the prices are steep. Fortunately if you look around the Internet, there are deals to be had.

Just before Christmas last year I found this sconce on One Kings Lane for a good amount off retail.  It looks great in our front hallway.  Granted I burned out the shade from the inside with some too hot bulbs but really it’s nothing that a little white paint can’t fix.

Visual Comfort

And, it wasn’t hard to figure out that these would be perfect in my new master bath.

Visual Comfort


Again, a little comparison shopping at the local lighting store paid off when I was able to snag these at a discount online what I would have paid at the store, especially helpful as I needed three.

Look at those bare walls!  This is a shot from the week we moved in.  This is another Visual Comfort fixture that was meant for over an island in a previous house.  It sat in a box for years until it found its home in our dining room.  This one was just a wee bit off retail – I later spotted it on One Kings Lane for a far better deal.


Visual Comfort has partnerships with some of the big name designers.  One of them being Alexa Hampton.  She has designed some well-recognized fixtures!

Alexa Hampton

This flushmount is everywhere!  Deservedly-so.  Flushmounts are inherently dull and most look like this.


Not Alexa’s flushmounts.

Alexa Hampton has other recognizable lamps through Visual Comfort.

Circa Lighting

This lamp pops up in many designer rooms.  And, apparently in Home Goods!  This afternoon I snagged a similar lamp at my local store.

Except mine looks like this:


I paid $40 for the lamp.  It’s not even close to the Visual Comfort version in terms of weight, materials or quality but the silhouette is spot on and I happen to prefer the Home Goods color for the space I had in mind.

Alexa Hampton took to Twitter to announce her Home Goods lamp collection debut this past spring but really that’s all the information I can find on the partnership.  Not surprising really as Home Goods is notorious for keeping their buying practices top secret.

More than one seller on eBay is touting these Home Goods versions as Visual Comfort versions and pricing them as such.  The Visual Comfort Anita Table Lamp retails for $588.00. A far cry from the $40 price tag at Home Goods, so don’t be fooled.

I often look on ebay for Visual Comfort lighting and just recently found this lamp that retails for $420 for not even half that price.  Just make sure to check on return policies as these could be damaged or returned goods.



Visual Comfort

Home Goods has some great Visual Comfort lookalikes but my favorite of the day were these Ralph Lauren pretties. They were $110 if I recall correctly.  These would be great bedside table lamps.  Like Alexa Hampton, Ralph Lauren makes lesser quality lamps to sell in stores like Home Goods.  I am sure these show up on eBay for a pretty penny as well!IMG_2142

Of course I would much rather these Christopher Spitzmiller handmade lamps bedside but at the end of the day there are some really good, beautiful affordable lighting options out there that leave you with some wiggle room to swap out the shades!   Which is precisely what I will be doing with my recent eBay lamp.  Stay tuned!


Pleated Lampshades

In the mid-1990s pleated pants were banned by certain fashion houses and replaced by the flat-front pant that has been the mainstay for the past two decades.  Well, apparently that ban has been lifted – um, are we happy about that?  I tried to find a picture of Donna, Kelly, Brenda in their high-waisted pleated splendor but no such luck!

Circa 1990 Jeans via Etsy

About the same time the fashion houses were putting a moratorium on pleats, the pleated lampshade fell out of favor as well.  The more steamlined, simpler drum shade became the flat-front pant of the lamp shade world.  Now after twenty odd years, pleats are back!  And, I for one am excited about the pleated lampshade resurgence.

from Meredith Ellis’s storefront James

It is a little bit dressier and a little bit more feminine.

Colefax Antiques
Phoebe Howard

My favorite pleated shade is colorful, patterned and apparently pretty darn difficult to come by in the US (non-custom, that is).  Abroad, the British have quite a good handle on the patterned pleat and Robert Kime’s are probably the most beautiful of all.

Robert Kime

Irving and Morrison (another British company) makes some gorgeous lampshades and lamps.  So imagine this round up of lamp bases

with a combination of these shades . . .

Stunning, right?!  And here is a pair in Penny Morrison’s – 1/2 of Irving and Morrison  – home featured in Elle Decor awhile back.  Replace the red pleated shades with white and it is not quite the same room.  The sparkle is gone.

via Quintessence blog – Elle Decor

I wish I could provide links for more affordable options from Anthropologie or Ballard, but they are just not out there.  Yet.  Perhaps when pleated pants become as commonplace as skinny jeans, we will see pleated lampshades on the shelves at our local Target stores.  Time will tell.