Craigslist Roundup

It’s been far too long that I have risked my life for furniture.  Summer seems to be slow on the good furniture front.  Either people are too busy frolicking seaside to list their grandmother’s brown furniture or I have lost my magic touch. Let’s hope it is the former.

Still, there are a couple of interesting things for sale right now – not quite as many as I can usually dig up but enough that I feel compelled to share.  Keep an open mind!

Chinoiserie is not just for the 1980s pastel living room anymore.  It is creeping back into the modern home in small dosesThis cabinet is $250 and would be a pretty addition to a living room or family room.

If you look closely at the chest in this room in designer Sarah Bartholemew’s house, you can see it is a chinoiserie piece.

Sarah Bartholemew

Mark Sikes incorporates these chests and cabinets into many of his rooms.  Here is an Asian-inspired chest in a bedroom he designed.

Mark Sikes

And another from Mark Sikes.

Mark Sikes

The cabinets are where the real steals are right now.  Once you get past that they are big, difficult to move, you can appreciate that they really are so versatile in the home.  I would put that big ole cabinet in a dining room just as easily as I would put it into a living room or an office (fill it with books).

And one more picture for good measure.

Lonny Magazine

When you search make sure to try combinations of all the following:  Chinese furniture, Asian furniture, Chinoiserie cabinet.  It’s funny the cabinet above only popped up under Asian cabinet.

This desk is on my short list.  It is a current item from Ballard Design and on sale now for just a touch under $1000. This seller wants $295 for a gently used version.

Beautiful desk that would easily work as a sofa table as well.

I get it – used upholstered furniture is not for everyone but it doesn’t scare me off as long as it is in clean, good condition. This Ethan Allen Sectional looks like it is in great shape and it’s a steal at $500.  The loose cushions aren’t pancaked yet and the seller claims it is from a child-free house.

Here is a mirror by Baker.  Seller is asking $200 – very fair!  This would be beautiful in a foyer or a powder room, especially set against a vivid wallpaper.

Imagine the Baker mirror in this hallway.  Beautiful!

Blue and white finds on Craigslist are few and far between but when available, they are usually a good buy.  These ceramic pots can retail for upwards of $100 or more.

Here is one for $40.

Side or end tables are usually dirt cheap on Craigslist.  They are tricky as most are in poor shape because they have been well-loved for too long.  This one caught my eye as it looks almost new and would be so pretty on a sun porch, beach house or in a living room that leans towards the preppier, Ashley Whittaker side.

Like this!

Ashley Whittaker Design

I am always on the hunt for very expensive china to add to my collection:  Herend, Royal Copenhagen, Limoges, etc.  This service plate from the Fish Scale collection retails for $335.  Needless to say, there are deals to be had when Herend china pops up.

Scully and Scully

This vintage serving platter is going for $80.

Lamps are a great thing to search.  Right now there are a couple of glass ones from Restoration Hardware and Visual Comfort that are still listed too high.  They have been sitting for months.  Best thing to do is to offer the seller a fair price and wait as then they have your contact information and your interest.  Initially they may scoff but eventually you will hear from them again.  That has happened to me multiple times.  And that is where a little patience pays off.

Happy treasure hunting!

Flowers R.I.P.

I’m not sure what went wrong this season but something went very wrong.  I planted, things were going swimmingly until about 3 weeks ago when everything in my pots started to wilt.  I babied them and there was life and hope but then despair and death.  It got ugly.

This is a before when everything seemed to be going just fine.  Pops of pink and vibrant green leaves – all looking very healthy.


IMG_2437IMG_2453I chose easy annuals – lantana, petunias, superbells, sweet potato vine.  In past years, these flowers in the same pots thrived and were almost boastful in their growth.  The sweet potato vine barely behaving and often needing a haircut.  Not this year.  The vine barely made it over the edge of the pot and it’s been 6 weeks.

I won’t even post the after pictures as they are too depressing!  The petunias were the lone survivors of whatever disease, bug, or negligent caretaker killed these poor plants.

So, this week I am starting fresh.  The pots out front will get a boxwood each and some vinca and the rest of the pots a hydrangea and the remaining petunias.  And, a dirty little secret – I got so desperate I potted some topiaries out front that I know will do just fine.  Could be a slippery slope there!