Instagram Pretty

Maura Endres m.o.endres has one of the prettiest Instagram feeds around.  You will quickly learn that every nook and cranny of her Princeton home is beautifully composed.

The mural in the dining room, not sure if it is paint or wallpaper, is a beautiful backdrop for all the natural elements Maura likes to weave into her rooms.  And, you’ll see that she often changes her tabletop and floral arrangements which makes her followers very happy!


Maura clearly has an artistic eye as even her farmer’s market bounty is picture perfect.

Her small moments photos are my favorite.


It seems her open and closed cabinetry is arranged just so.

A gorgeous still-life.


Give yourself some time to start at the very beginning of her feed.  You will not be disappointed.

Painted Floors

When we first started house hunting oh so long ago now, we toured a tiny cape in a cute little neighborhood.  By the time I had thought maybe this is the one, the house had sold.  It was the kind of market where you had the make a decision on the spot, write up an offer as you were touring and pray hard that you were only bidding against one other person and not six!

I don’t remember much except just off the living room was a charming screened-in porch.  The wood floor was painted and it was my very favorite thing in the house.  Years later I bought a different house because of the floors.  Love my floors! This house not so much.  The oak floors are just meh and not in the greatest shape.

Maybe it’s time for some paint.

One Kings Lane

Designer and shopkeeper Loi Thai is my idol.  I linked his gardens in yesterday’s post.  He can do white floors.  I can’t, but I still love them.  Brown furniture has never looked better.

Loi Thai

These floors are stunning and I love the casual, beachy vibe set against the more formal furniture.


Gorgeous but definitely better suited for a regal country house.

John B. Murray

This might be my favorite one at least for my leaning-towards-formal house.


This is paint.  Gorgeous!  Another contender for our house.


A Little Field Trip

A friend of mine reached out about a faucet for her laundry room. She wanted a faucet like one she spotted in a deVol kitchen and wondered if I could track a cool one down for her.

Perrin and Rowe for deVol

She beat me to the punch!  Good old Pinterest to the rescue.

Instead I got to sit shotgun while we drove and drove and drove out into the far reaches of rural Pennsylvania to the historic town of East Berlin.  Just past the town square are historic homes tightly lining the Main Street and in the middle of one of these historic blocks is Hoffman & Woodard.

It’s a shop within a house with a charming kitchen garden out back and the most interesting things for sale.  The owner has such an artful eye.  Every corner of her shop was beautifully arranged.

There were a couple of copper sinks to choose from – all with the wooden surround and aged brass faucets.

The owners are avid gardeners and there were clay pots stacked in every corner.  Here are some Guy Wolff pots.

And the faucet we drove miles to see is on the bottom left with the separate taps for hot and cold.  All the faucets can be tweaked and customized.

The owners and their shop were recently featured in Martha Stewart Living which you can read about here.

And below some pictures from the Hoffman & Woodward website.  It is a gorgeous site with pictures taken by Helen Norman who happened to photograph one of my all-time favorite gardens.

Here is the backyard.  The kitchen garden wasn’t nearly this verdant and full when we were there but the chickens were out.

There are topiaries everywhere.  I was tempted to buy a bay leaf topiary but they looked so happy and healthy.  I couldn’t be responsible for their death.

I have absolutely no idea what the clay pots are with the holes and wooden dowels peeking through.  I meant to ask.

One of the faucets my friend bought.

The owner loves twine and I didn’t think I did until I saw this cabinet packed with spools of all kinds.  So pretty!

The green house with more topiaries.

Husband and wife will do a whole kitchen but mostly they make custom sink cabinets and shelving in all sorts of pretty colors.

And some handmade cots and watering cans.

Pretty light filtered into the green house with a shot of the sink I photographed as well.  This one slightly better!

And turned plates with the wood leftover from other projects.  I picked up a couple of the plates and they are so soft to the touch.

All in all a successful day.  I came home with two charming footed clay pots. I may try cheapie topiaries that I order off the Internet . . . and kill.

Mid-Winter Green

Greenwich, Connecticut real estate listings are some of my favorite as the gardens are always fantastically beautiful.  This English Manor house was built in 1929 and the gardens designed by Madison Cox.  Cox has done some pretty impressive work around the globe, and I love that I accidentally stumbled upon one of his gardens. Very different from most of his contemporaries, Cox does not slather his work on social media, in magazines or really anywhere.  Even his website consists of one photograph and his contact information.  Make sure to read the Wall Street Journal article about him linked above. Cox is an interesting man and you will realize how special it is to be able to peek into one of his gardens.

This allee is just perfect.

Look at that center hall table arrangement!  The listing doesn’t take us inside the house.  Such a tease.

These begonias are on steroids!

Another view into the center hall.  Those floors looks beautiful.

The property is 5.1 flat acres with wide expanses of lawn.

The perennial borders are so pretty.  And, here is a some structure.  Hedgerows with what looks like Pee Gee hydrangeas in the center.

The English manor has to have a cottage garden.  This looks like a later summer shot.  Beautiful clematis climbers and lots of Echinacea.

Sweet potato vines after a season’s growth – always a pretty pop of green.

The drive up to the house.  I think these are hornbeams underplanted with some simple impatients to dramatic effect!

The brick patio overlooking an allee.

A pool tucked away from the house.


A beautiful pergola with climbers in pots.  Wisteria has largely taken over but it doesn’t look like there are blooms yet.  Sometimes it can take years.

A small but pretty brick patio off probably a living room or dining room.

And, more of that beautiful structure.  A garden wall always helps things along.  Neatly clipped box with loads of roses.

A tree house tucked into a pretty corner of the garden.

Sweeping views.

All photos courtesy of Houlihan Lawrence.  The listing can be found here.

And the mid-winter green in our house courtesy of the dog: