Historically, leaner, harder times have often resulted in more somber interior color choices. So, the rise of gray in interior design during these leaner economic times was not unexpected.  Of course, every movement is a reaction to a previous aesthetic so as gray becomes “so 2009”, color and rich, saturated color has starting making an appearance once again.

This room is very much of this decade.  The gray walls with a pop of color has been hot for the last decade.  This is a beautiful room but times are a’changing . . .


Contrast that room to a room by Miles Redd featured in House Beautiful this month.

The young, hot designers are returning to bright chintzes, rich estate colors and mixes of fresh wallpapers and fabrics.  Gray still finds its way into spaces but as a backdrop now; it’s no longer the leading lady.

There are three big designers doing color so beautifully that it make us wonder why gray even stood a chance.

Let’s visit Katie Ridder’s work first.  Katie is not new to the design world and is based out of New York but has clients worldwide and her style reflects that.

This kitchen is perfect to me.  The architectural elements are the star and Katie’s cabinet color choice is so smart.  Those gorgeous doors with those even better views are what’s important in this kitchen.  The green cabinets complement those vistas perfectly.

Of course I love this kitchen as if you look way up, you’ll see my vent cover!!!

Katie Ridder

Here Katie kept the color off the walls as the green backdrop through those windows is essentially the wall color.  She complimented the leafy greens with beautiful blues, gold tones and rusts.

Katie Ridder – encaustic tile -gorgeous!

This is Katie next to a beautifully plumped down cushion-filled chair.  Pay attention to the color in this space though.  The orange picture frame, stripe and coffee table work so well. Then there are the blues in the art, lamp, pillows and rug.  It is gorgeous without looking too designer-y. This is not easy, people!!!

New York Social Diary

I think this color combination would scare the pants off of most people, but once it’s up and together it is stunning!  The fabric on the windows is the glue.

Southern Living

Katie Ridder has her own line of wallpapers and fabrics.  All beautiful!

Blue Bell fabric
Moonflower wallpaper

Back tomorrow with Ashley Whitaker and then Miles Redd.

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