Finalizing Paint Colors

I’ve been threatening to paint this brick since before closing on the house and it seems it may possibly happen this spring. It’s time to cover up the paint splatters, mismatched grout and put some color on this bad boy.

Problem is I am torn on color and finish.  Do I paint in earnest or have the brick white-washed?  There is a strong case for both sides.

I continue to come back to this combination.  Creamy base with a grayish-green shutter.  But what  to do about windows and paneling?  Hmmmm.

And then there’s this house that keeps pulling me back into the whitewash camp.  Green shutters, the white trim, it all would work on our house, too.

Here’s another beautiful house with the same color scheme.


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  1. Just found you as I was searching colonial stairways. Yes whitewash! Keep the trim white but experiment with the shutter color with your roof color in mind. Love it!

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