The Anti-McMansion

In this architectural age of McMansion hell, a house like this one is good for the symmetry soul.  The balance, the  the proportions, the rhythm – all perfect.   The materials and craftsmanship – all sound.  The house was built in 1919 and still looks as good, arguably as gorgeous, today.

I love a good, light-filled landing.  Today this entrance would be opened up with impossible-to-reach windows and a monstrous light fixture.

The house was built to maximize light and like Gil Shafer‘s “thinner builds”, this house doesn’t look more than 2-rooms deep.   And, because this house was built at a time when proportion of land to house was important, the views out each window are magnificent.

Most rooms in the house have a fireplace.  Even if you don’t use them, they add so much architecturally to a room.  Imagine this house at Christmastime!

A third-floor bedroom with charming ceiling lines.  

And my favorite spot – the courtyard.  Look at that wall!

The house sits on 10 acres and the trees are immense.  This is a patio off the sunroom.

Coffered ceiling and so much potential!  I would paint this room white, replace the floor and throw gorgeous parties here by candlelight.

The house has great flow, light and generously-sized rooms. And doors!  I love doors to close for privacy, heat/cooling conservation or just because.

You can see the full listing here.

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