Summer Garden Part II

Nearly everything is planted at this point and finally in the growing and filling out stage.  Our apple tree leaves get cedar rust – those little yellow spots on the leaves.  Unfortunately we planted fruit trees (pears and apple) near a cedar grove.  I need to try spraying at the right time next year and see if that helps.  Fortunately the rust is just unattractive but doesn’t hurt the health of the trees. 

The Mandevilla are taking off and the lanterns await new candles after the old ones melted in the heat.

A close up of one of our apple tree pots filled with petunias and moss.  Had I planted these petunias earlier in the season they would have likely been spilling over the sides.  This was a week ago when the Phantom Hydrangeas were just about ready to explode.

And, this picture is from yesterday.  Each morning there are more and more flowers and they just keep getting fuller.  This is my first time with Phantom Hydrangea and while I don’t quite like the blooms like I like the Limelight’s, the Phantom is supposed to have the strongest stems to prevent flopping.

I added an outdoor rug to cover up some cement sins on the landing near the back door.  

Grouping pots is a good lazy gardener strategy.  

Experimenting with some flowers for an upcoming fundraiser.  Um, these look more like church altar arrangements.  I guess I will be starting over!

The window boxes are enjoying the Amazon-like humidity.   


I lucked out and scored 8 Nellie Stevens hollies for our hedge for a song.  Pictures to come.  This is the garage that will be getting some paint and new lighting soon enough.  

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