Two Seasons of Growth

This is a before of either side of our front door.  This is pre-porch reno, pre-door makeover and post-yew-stump removal.

We planted two boxwoods from our country house as well as a mature Limelight.  I filled in with spirea, weigela, hollies and some variegated dogwood.

And, two years later the foundation plantings have really taken off.  This is to the right of the door.  The porch windows have improved tenfold, and we planted a Ninebark tree to anchor the corner.  We also dug out stones and were able to continue the flagstone border.

And the left side of the front door.  That Limelight has grown just a little bit.

You can see the difference in this picture.  Everything has exploded!

We recently put in a double-layered hedge to start to build up some privacy in our side yard.  A row of Nellie R. Stevens hollies make up the inner layer.  These will get quite tall – 15 -20 feet and 10 feet wide.  They are fast growers like the outer layer of Limelight Hydrangeas.

I am hoping for dense Limelight hedge like this one:

Deborah Silver

Our Little Lime hedge on the porch side has grown quite a bit as well.  Here are the Little Limes last summer.  They are mixed in with Nandina (the tall shrubs) and a row of Chicagoland boxwood.

And here is the same row a year later.  It’s difficult to tease out in this picture but the Nandina have filled out considerably giving us some green and privacy during the winter as well.  In the winter you see the pretty porch detail but not so much in the summer!

The dogs enjoying some morning sunning.  This is a favorite spot.  

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